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He was born in Tarsus. He completed Tarsus Mustafa Kemal Anatolian High School and graduated from Gazi University, Gazi Education Faculty with a master's degree in science. He worked as Math and Geometry Teacher in several private teaching institutions in Ankara. He did research on concept maps and concept cartoons in physics education. He was granted the state fund in 2008 to pursue his post-graduate degree in "Nuclear Physics", and accordingly, he obtained his Ph.D. degree from the University of Liverpool with the thesis title "Anomalous B(E2)4+/2+ Ratios in the Neutron-Deficient 168Os and 166W" in 2014. He was assigned as an officer to Ministry of National Education Tarsus Bureau for a six months of period. Since 2014, he is a doctor research assistant in the Nuclear Physics subdivision of the Science Faculty of Ege University. He was a visiting researcher for 12 months in 2016 in Legnaro National Laboratories of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (LNL-INFN), Italy in order to work on NEutron Detector Array - NEDA. He received the Associate Professorship from Inter-university Council. His researches focus on the evolution of the collective model as a function of nucleon or spin-quantum number in neutron-deficient Hf-W-Os region. He also investigates symmetries in nuclear physics such as mirror, valance, and pseudo-mirror nuclei using lifetime measurements of excited states. He uses plunger and decay spectroscopy to investigate decay properties of nuclei of interest by employing fusion evaporation reactions. He conducts his experiments at the University of Jyväskylä Accelerator Laboratory, Finland,  Legnaro National Laboratories of Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (LNL-INFN), Italy, and Heavy Ion Laboratory at the University of Warsaw, Poland. He is supervising two master thesis, has 3 accepted proposals by the international accelerator laboratories, 1 completed project funded by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and 33 SCI-E papers. His h-index is 9 according to Web of Science. Also, he is working on AP Physics Education.


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