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I was born in Izmir in 1964. I completed my high school degree in American Collegiate Institute. I graduated from Ege University Faculty of Medicine in 1988. I started my residency training programme at Ege University Faculty of Medicine Department of Radiation Oncology in 1990 and completed in 1995. I became an Associate Professor in 2004 and professor in 2011. I am still working at the same department at present. My primary fields of interest are lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies, gastrointestinal and genitourinary malignancies. I am working as a subinvestigator in various international clinical researches regarding lung cancer, gastrointestinal cancer and genitourinary cancer and as a primary investigator in various national projects (BAP, TUBITAK 1001). I am a member of "Early Stage Lung Cancer Working Group" and "Locally Advanced Lung Cancer Working Group" of the Turkish Society of Lung Cancer and "Gastrointestinal Oncology Working Group", "Thoracic Oncology Working Group" and "Urooncology Working Group" of Turkish Society of Radiation Oncology. I am the regent of Turkey for the “International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer” (IASLC) since 2011. I was the financial secretary of the Directory Board of Turkish Society of Lung Cancer at various terms and still the financial secretary for two terms since 2017. I am the secretary of the Directory Board of Turkish Society of Radiation Oncology since 2018.

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