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He was born on 1963 in İzmir. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education respectively in the same city, Yavuz Selim Primary School, İzmir Private Saint Joseph Secondary School and İzmir Atatürk High School. He graduated in 1987. In February 1988, he started his PhD program at Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Pedodontics. In September 1994, he completed his doctoral thesis titled "Comparative investigation of propofol and ketamine used as induction agents in children with disabilities in general anesthesia in pediatric dentistry" and received his doctorate. He started the dental treatment protocol under general anesthesia in Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Pedodontics. In the same year, he received training on nitrous oxide sedation, general anesthesia and dental approaches in disabled children at the Department of Pedodontics, Faculty of Dentistry, at the University of Strasbourg Louis Pasteur. He established the nitrous oxide oxygen sedation unit at Ege University Faculty of Dentistry and provided training to undergraduate and graduate students. In September 1999, he received the first prize at the 17th International Congress of the Pediatric Dentistry Association with his work titled "Salivary Streptococcus Mutans, Lactobacilli Levels and Buffer Capacity in Children with Esophagus Burns". In November 2000, he got his title Associate Professor Dr. In March 2006, he got his title Prof. Dr. He served on the faculty board for one term and on the administrative board for three terms. Between 2011 and 2014, he served as the chairman of Ege University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Pedodontics. He also worked actively in many commissions within the faculty. The foreign languages ​​he knows are French and English.

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Faculty of Dentistry
Division of Clinical Sciences
Department of Pedodontics


Ege Üniversitesi Dişhekimliği Pedodonti
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