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Özen Okat was born in İzmir. She had completed her middle and high school education at İzmir Özel Çakabey College and her undergraduate education at Ege University Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism. During her undergraduate education she won two prizes in the "13th Aydın Doğan Genç İletişimciler Contest". During this period, she started to work as a graphic designer at Ege University Rectorate where she worked as a part time employee. After completing her master's degree at Ege University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Advertising with the thesis titled "Visual Design in Outdoor Advertisement Mediums", she was appointed as “Instructor" at Ege University Ege Vocational School. In 2011, she received the title of “PhD” in Ege University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Advertising with his thesis titled "The Effects of Direct Response Advertising Mediums on Consumer Tendencies" in 2013, she was appointed as an assistant professor at the Department of Advertising. Between 2013 and 2016, she served as the Vice Dean of Ege University Faculty of Communication. She became an associate professor in 2015 and currently serves as a faculty member at Ege University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Advertising. Okat is the mother of 1 daughter.


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