Ege Dermatological Formulations Research Group

Welcome to Ege Dermatological Formulations Research Group

EGEDERM Research Group was established in Ege University Faculty of Pharmacy. The group members have been signing innovative products in the field of dermatology for a long time.

EGEDERM conducts researches on the healing of chronic wounds, especially dermatological diseases, the more effective transportation of drugs to the inner layers of the skin via the topical route, and the development of cosmetic products and develops innovative products.

Collaboration is carried out with both Ege University Faculty of Medicine and other institutions in Turkey and abroad, with clinical and basic research groups.

Our research areas are:

  • Investigation and elucidation of mechanisms of action of carrier systems used in the treatment of diseases
  • Nano and micro drug delivery systems designed to exceed/not exceed dermal barriers
  • Design of cosmetics, their quality control and analysis
  • Topical concept design of medical device and their quality control and analysis.
  • Improving patient compliance in chronic diseases and developing smart drug delivery systems for easier treatment process
  • Designing formulation for the production of patient-focused and individualized treatment products
  • Increasing the adaptation of multifunctional devices such as electrospinning systems and 3D printers to the field of pharmaceutical/cosmetic applications
  • Formulation studies for the preparation of the pediatric.drugs which are not available in the market and which can be considered as orphan drug.

Recent Publications