Molecular Biology of Cancer Lab

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Since our studies involves research on prostate cancer biology, specifically we do research on transcription, post-transcriptional regulation, post-translational regulation such as phosphorylation, ubiquitination as well as cell cycle regulation and DNA damage response. To conduct the gain and loss of function studies for our genes of interest, we produce in house Lentivirus particles including HN1 (Hematological and neurological expressed 1) to understand its biological importance in centrosome maturation, NKX3.1 in DNA damage response, and AR (Androgen Receptor) in prostate cancer biology.

Recently, in our lab, we set up Lentiviral virus production and decided to offer producing Lentiviral particles and the cells of interest for other labs at low cost depending on their research necessities. If you are interested in having your cells expressing your gene of interest stably, let us know your interest for cell type and the gene, we prepare the particles and/or the cells for you. Either you choose we do it for you or you can have the particles and transduce yourselves to stabilize the cells for the expression of gene of interest. You only pay the cost of consumables.