Hekimoğlu M. A. , Güleç F. , Engin S. , Suzer C. , Saka Ş. , Fırat M. K.

38th Pakistan Congress of. Zoolgy, Lahore, Pakistan, 27 February - 02 March 2018, vol.91, no.101, pp.91-101

  • Publication Type: Conference Paper / Full Text
  • Volume: 91
  • City: Lahore
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Page Numbers: pp.91-101


The world population is estimated to be 10 billion in 2050. In this regard, one of the most important of the problems of the world is undoubtedly nourished. As an optimistic development in this regard; aquaculture appearance at a significant level compared to the agricultural sector in many countries. In archaeological investigations found some evidence of the aquaculture being made by the Egyptians for the first time in 2500 BC. Extensive marine farms of seabass, seabream, mullet and  oyster were produced for the first time in Rome in the 6th century BC. Salmon is the first type of  fish that is cultivated in cold waters. Modern aquaculture began about 40 years ago. Many Mediterranean countries took part in this development. Production of aquatic animals from aquaculture in 2015 amounted to 76.6 million tonnes. Major producers were  China (60%), India, VietNam, Bangladesh and Egypt. In Turkey, aquaculture began in 1968 with the culture of inland water fish in the terrestrial environment. When examining the data year 2016 with respect to the date reached; Turkeys trout production is 101 tausend tonnes and carp production has reached 196 tons. The production of marine fishes started in 1984. Aquaculture of marine fishes (151.794 ton in 2016) has entered into a rapid development process in the culture with sea bream (58.254 ton) and sea bass (80.847 ton) fishes, especially on the Aegean coast. All these economic fishes are valuing as a food source.  The other fish sector is ornamental fishes and became very popular in all around the world. Most of the ornamental fish lovers usually keep them for recreational purpose or show their rich and high status as a symbol. The global import value for ornamental fish rose from 247.9 million $ in 2000 to 299 million $ in 2014. This sector is a multi-million dollar market with considerable growth in the last two decades. USA, Europe, and Japan are the largest markets for aquarium fish. Ornamental fishes come from Asia (65%) to this sector. Aquariums are kept in most shopping centers, cinema and conference halls in Turkey now. Unfortunately, in Turkey, there are not native fish species that are considered ornamental fish species. Most of the ornamental fishes are exotic species and are imported from foreign country. We can say that as a result of this review; The cultured fish and the ornamental fish sector are the global components of international trade and development and Turkey has taken place in this sector.