Design and Application of OPC-based SCADA System with Multiple Controllers: An Electro-pneumatic Case Study

Duymazlar O. , Engin D.

2019 Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications Conference (ASYU), İzmir, Türkiye, 31 Ekim - 02 Kasım 2019, ss.219-224 identifier


The aim of the study is to design and implement an OPC-based SCADA system’s physical and software structure model, which controls and supervises systems containing multiple controllers from different commercial companies.

Within the scope of the study, we implemented an electro-pneumatic pressing unit as a prototype and designed the operator panel to be used by the operator for handling the pressing process and integrated it into the system.

An OPC server-based SCADA system was designed to supervise and control all the Electro-Pneumatic Pressing System, which contains multiple controllers from different commercial brands, which use different industrial communications protocols.