The Effects of Different Salinity Levels and Leaching Fractions on Gerbera Plants

Akat Saraçoğlu Ö., Tüzel İ. H. , Özzambak M. E.

ACTA HORTICULTURAE, cilt.807, ss.233-238, 2009 (Düzenli olarak gerçekleştirilen hakemli kongrenin bildiri kitabı) identifier



This reseach was caried out to determine the effects of different salinity levels and leaching fractions on the yield and plant quality of gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii sklylina) grown in perlite. Plants were fed with nutrient solution composed of macro and micro elments added to irrigation water. The salinity level of this nutrient solution was considered as the control (S1). The electrical conductivity of the nutrient solution in the other three treatments was increased by 1 (S2), 2 (S3) and 3 (S4) dS m-1 above the control by NaCI addition. Irrigation water volume was determined by leaching fractions which was attempted to be kept around 25% (LR1) and 50% (LR2). The results showed that there was no significant difference between leaching fractions in respect to yield, whereas yield decreased dramatically with the increasing salinity. The highest yield was obtained from the treatment of LR2 as 98.30 flower m-2. Among the salinity levels, the highest yield was obtained from the treatment of S1 (117.63 flower m-2).