The effect of marketing expenditures during financial crisis: the case of Turkey


7th International Strategic Management Conference, Paris, France, 30 June - 02 July 2011, vol.24 identifier identifier


Today, all economies are related with others due to the acceleration of globalization process. Huge financial movements in a globalized world can be the reasons for fluctuations in many countries especially the emerging countries [1]. The financial and economic crises have the potential to lead in a period of a global recession that may seriously destabilize all countries' process of economic growth and transformation. In particular, the crisis may put a brake on and also reverse efforts in developing countries [2]. In this study, "the effect of marketing expenditures on company performance during financial crises periods" has been the main question. Within this framework, a review of the literature and a statement of the research questions, followed by the methodology and the findings are evaluated. Assessment on the results and conclusions about the effect of marketing expenditures on company sales performance are presented. This paper has its originality for finding out the effects of marketing expenditures, R&D expenditures and macroeconomic data (growth, inflation and foreign currency) on company performance within specific periods i.e. 2001 and 2008 crises in Turkey.