Controlled deterioration test as vigor assessments in pepper seed lots: 1. Determination of appropriate seed moisture content


3rd Balkan Symposium on Vegetables and Potatoes, Bursa, Turkey, 6 - 10 September 2006, pp.145-0 identifier identifier


Seed vigor testing is now a common practice for quality control of seed lots. For pepper seed lots, there is no vigor test that has been widely accepted or suggested by ISTA. This research has been carried out in order to develop a possible procedure of controlled deterioration test that can be used as a vigor test method for pepper seeds. As the first stage of this research, 3 different seed moisture contents (20, 22 and 24% at 45 degrees C for one day) were tested on 24 seed lots (from different seed companies) to determine the appropriate seed moisture content for controlled deterioration test. Also, the standard germination test, cool germination test, at different temperatures (15 and 18 degrees C) and field emergence test were performed on the same lots. While the controlled deterioration tests at different moisture contents, were significantly correlated with both field emergence and cool germination test at 15 degrees C, the highest correlations were found between controlled deterioration test at 24% moisture content and field emergence test (r = 0.807) or cool germination test at 15 degrees C (r = 0.795). Therefore, in our further researches on developing procedures for controlled deterioration test, 24% moisture content will be tested at different test temperatures and periods.