Estimation of Leaf Area Index in Some Breba Fig Cultivars

Can H. Z.

3rd International Symposium on Fig, Algarve, Portekiz, 16 - 20 Mayıs 2005, ss.109-115 identifier identifier


Determination of leaf area index which is a key factor in many physiological processes in plants plays a crucial role. Despite the difficulty of measurement, without a suitable instrument it is quite time consuming and destructive. The exact measurement of leaf area index requires the measurement of the total leaf area of the canopy. For this reason, this study aims at developing a measurement procedure to estimate the leaf area index in some breba rig cultivars. During the experiment a digital plant canopy analyzer was used to control measurements. Breba fig trees of 'Susak', 'Dumanli Kara', 'Horasan', 'Beyaz Orak', 'Siyah Orak', 'Yediveren', 'Siyah Cicek', 'Beyaz Cicek', 'Noire de Coromb' (France), 'Banana Fig' (France) and 'Nazareth' (Israel) were selected as the plant material. The nearest measured LAI values to estimated LAI values were obtained from the Northern west direction of the canopy in Nazareth. On the other hand, from the Southern east and Southern west directions in other evaluated breba crop rig cultivars.