An analysis of relationship between food safety and pesticides usages of grape growers in Manisa province

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38th World Congress of Vine and Wine, Mainz, Almanya, 5 - 10 Temmuz 2015, cilt.5 identifier


This study was carried out in Manisa which has the largest vineyard areas and grape production of Turkey. In this research, awareness of enviromnent and pesticide using attitudes of growers and effects on food safety of pesticides were investigated. Main data of the study was collected by survey -from 117 grape growers which are settled in Manisa province where sultana production is very widespread. Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), for reaching quality raisin and table grape target, conventional and enviromnent friendly pesticides preference priorities were estimated. The AHP was applied to determine conventional and environment friendly pesticides usages of grape growers related to food safety. As a conclusion, it is understood that this Lirget could be reached with 66.8% using environment friendly pesticides.