Photometric multi-site campaign on massive B stars in the open cluster chi Persei (NGC 884)

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Saesen S., Pigulski A., Carrier F., De Ridder J., Aerts C., Handler G., ...Daha Fazla

International Conference on Helioseismology, Asteroseismology and MHD Connections (HELAS II), Göttingen, Almanya, 20 Ağustos 2007 - 24 Ağustos 2008, cilt.118 identifier identifier


In 2005 a photometric observation campaign started on the open cluster chi Persei, involving 13 telescopes spread over the whole northern hemisphere. After two years we gathered almost 1200 hours of data. We present here preliminary results on the variability search, especially from the 60-cm telescope in Bialkow (Poland), which show seven confirmed beta Cephei stars, four candidate B-type pulsators and other interesting variable stars.