ARTMoS: An RFID Tag Mobility Scheme with IPv6 and DNS

Cabuk U. C. , Jacobsen R. H. , Dalkilic G.

International Symposium on Innovations in Intelligent Systems and Applications (INISTA), Sinaia, Romanya, 2 - 05 Ağustos 2016 identifier identifier


It was long time ago, when the Internet was a basic network used for data and information sharing. The evolutionary process of the Internet started with connecting people and then with the increasing popularity of it and with the emerging concept of smart systems, device-to-device communications within smart systems dawned. And now; by taking the advantage of another emerging concept: mobility, we are able to connect any object to that network and build the Internet of Things. In this article, we propose, implement, and discuss the outcomes of such a system, which uses RFID tags to identify objects, a reader to detect the tags, a computer platform to connect them to the next generation IPv6 Internet and a DNS server to provide mobility and accessibility.