Genetic Algorithm for Multi Bandpass Problem and Library of Problems


4th International Conference on Problems of Cybernetics and Informatics (PCI), Baku, Azerbaijan, 12 - 14 September 2012 identifier identifier


Bandpass Problem (BP) is a telecommunication problem. This problem arises in considering the optimal packing of information flows on different wavelengths into groups to obtain the highest available cost reduction in design and operating the optical communication networks using wavelength division multiplexing technology. Given a rectangular matrix A of binary elements {0, 1} and a positive integer B called the Bandpass Number, a set of B consecutive non-zero elements in any column is called a Bandpass. No two bandpasses in the same column can have common rows. The Bandpass problem consists of finding an optimal permutation of rows of the matrix, which produces the maximum total number of bandpasses having the same given bandpass number in all columns. In this paper, a new version of the BP named as the Multi Bandpass Problem (MBP) has been considered. An online library of the MBP including 45 test problems with known optimal solutions has been established. A meta-heuristic method, four Genetic Algorithm (GA) implementations have been first created for the MBP. These GAs have been tested on the MBP library problems and the results are listed.