Semantic enrichment of content management systems: An application on Joomla! CMS


Danışman: Rıza Cenk Erdur

There is a significant amount of knowledge hidden in web content management systems (WCMS) in both structured and unstructured data. This work aims to suggest an approach to allow non standardized web content managements systems to communicate with semantic engines, thus those data and moreover the hidden knowledge can be published in a structured way and become more interoperable with the rest of the web. This approach uses a lightweight tool for creating mappings between relational database of WCMS and knowledge base. It also creates a set of abstract classes as a contract for developers who want to implement a communication layer between WCMS and various semantic engines. As a use case, Apache Stanbol semantic back-end will be integrated with Joomla! CMS for enhancing textual content with extracted entities and semantically enhanced searching. As a result, I propose a generic system overview of a semantically enriched web content management system as an implementation of a reference architecture.